JAL retires JAL Shell Flat SHEET


JAL fixed the Shell Flat SHEET typo.
JAL fixed the Shell Flat SHEET typo.

Just like the short-lived JAL Sky Shell SHEET, JAL has retired the JAL Shell Flat SHEET today and rolled back to the JAL Shell Flat Seat. If you visit the page again, you can longer see the SHEET (you might need to do a refresh if you are still seeing that).

JAL is actually pretty efficient in fixing the typos. They have fixed all three typos I informed them yesterday within 24 hours. One thing I like contacting JAL Japan is they have an automatically generated reply to confirm they have received your email and they have a faster turnaround time. And when they reply your e-mail, they actual put a REAL PERSON's name there unlike the ones you get from JAL North America.



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