JAL Shell Flat SHEET!?!?


Japan Airlines has just rolled out their latest and greatest Business class seats-the all mighty JAL Shell Flat SHEET (Look at the words next to the business class seat picture below). They really meant it when they say they are going to implement “nothing-off-limits” cost-cutting measures to improve profitability.

Introducing JAL Shell Flat SHEET!
Introducing JAL Shell Flat SHEET!

This is another innovative product after the JAL Sky Shell SHEET JAL introduced in their Premium Economy cabin. Even though the Sky Shell SHEET had a very short life span, JAL still go ahead and roll out the new business class seat (or should I say sheet? LOL). Those poor passengers flying to London. Is this why the aircraft used on the route is called a eco-jet? LOL

Well, I have contacted JAL Japan regarding this typo on their site (together with a couple other typos), and hopefully they will fix it soon :)



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