China Eastern will continue to double dip both JAL and ANA


China Eastern Airlines (MU) currently is a partner of both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways. There are speculations recently that MU will end its partnership with one of them but their president has denied such speculation.

So how did this happen? Well...MU has been a partner of JAL for a while and Shangahi Airlines has been a partner with ANA. The two airlines has recently "merged" and Shanghai Airlines become MU's wholly owned subsidiary. This is how this mess was formed. To further complicate the problem, MU is currently reviewing its alliance membership choices. Rumored top contenders are Skyteam and Oneworld (it isn't that hard to guess isn't it :P). So this is going to be a Déjà vu LOL MU intends to make the decision by the end of April.

The alliance war is far from over and yet *A managed to sit on the side once again. And how long do you think this double dipping can last? If MU picks OW, JAL *might* be able to cut ANA's tie (I guess this is how all these speculations began...:P) and things will get even more interesting if MU picks ST. April will be yet another interesting month.

Source: Nikkei



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