More booking class and Fly On Points bonus updates


Talk about being sneaky! Japan Airlines has updated its previous announcement no booking class/JMB miles accumulation rate changes and the Fly On Point (FOP) bonus campaign page without publishing it on the front page (at least I didn't see it). I only found out about the changes when I looked at the new JAL ex-US fares from April 1 (yes, they are changing the fare rules).

Below is a list of changes effective April 1 2010.

Booking Class Change
- Booking class 'X' is now discounted business class instead of discounted economy

Additional Mileage Accumulation Rate Change
- 'X' class 70% -> 125% from
- 'S' can only earn 50% miles when it is applied to individual inclusive tour fare, otherwise 70%. Previously, it always earn 70%.

Eligible Upgrade Class Change
- 'X' class will be added to the eligible list

Bonus FOP Change
- Booking classes E/M/V/S are added to the list of fare that will earn 400 bonus FOPs
- 'X' class is NOT listed but I suspect JAL might have forgotten to add that to the list as it is recently "announced" that it will be changed to a business class subclass. And under the eligible class list, it says "First Class Fares, Business Class Fares, Normal Economy Class Fares, IATA PEX Fares, JAL Economy Saver Fares, Dynamic Saver Fares, etc". So it should be eligible but need to confirm with JAL. I will update this when JAL gets back to me next week.

Below are the update JMB program summary from April 1 2010.

Mileage Accumulation Rate
First Class
150%: F, A
Business Class
125%: J, C, D, X
70%: I
Economy Class (includes Premium Economy)
100%: W, Y
70%: B, E, H, K, M, L, V, S*
50%: Q, N, O, G, R

* Booking class S will only earn 50% miles if it is booked as individual inclusive tour fare.

Classes eligible for upgrade: J/C/D/X/W/Y/E/B/H/K

Classes (international) eligible for FOP bonus: F/A/J/C/D/I/W/E/Y/B/H/K/M/L/V/S (X could be eligible, awaiting confirmation from JAL)

For more details, you can refer to JAL website:
- Accumulation Rate Changes
- Upgrade Award Changes
- FOP Bonus Changes

Update: JAL confirmed that booking class 'X' is eligible for the 400 FOP bonus. Please refer here for details

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