JAL to suspend employee travel benefits? Ouch!


According to jiji.com (in Japanese), Japan Airlines (JAL) is looking into suspending such benefits in fiscal year 2010 and they might revise the system later on! So how many free/discounted tickets JAL employees get?

Currently JAL provides free and discounted tickets to its employees. The number of tickets you received depends on your length of service. According to this article on ZakZak, every year you will get 24 (free?) domestic sectors and 4 international roundtrips (you pay 10% of the ticket). This benefits apply to your spouse, parents and children. JAL apparently will continue this benefit as the early retirement package. And ironically the ones who don't participate will lose this benefit...This is probably going to save JAL a lot of money. Just multiple the ticket cost by the number of employees JAL has.

One of the main reasons for people to work for an airlines is the travel benefits. Who doesn't want to have free and heavily discounted tickets? Losing this is going to hurt and probably affect their family travel plan in the next year. I guess better than losing your job :(

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  1. Hi,
    There's an interesting article on the BBC news website about the perks that are being withdrawn from striking BA staff.

    Does the JAL scheme also operate on a standby only basis?

  2. Yes, JAL-EF ( Employee Fee ) program is stand by basis.
    there are EF50, EF90, EF100 are most popular program ( the number is discount % , ie., 50 means 50% discount and 100 means 100% discount, free of charge ). all the benefit are based on stand by condition at airport.

    the employee can get the points accumulated from the first year( starts from 3-4 months later after he/she joined the company) to the second year...

    Other program also available for them ( not point type ... ) as discount program for the Air tkt.
    this also stand by basis...

    Cheers ...