Incident: Hydraulics leak on JL1600


According to Aviation Herald, there was an incident involving a Japan Airlines airbus 300-600 on March 21 2010. There was a hydraulics leak shortly after takeoff and the plane returned to the airport safely 30 minutes after takeoff.

The plane involved was registered as JA8573, which was delivered to Japan Air System on September 9 1994. It was performing JAL flight 1600 from Hiroshima to Haneda at the time of the incident. The pilots noticed the lost of pressure in one of the hydraulics systems while retracting the flaps and therefore decided to return to Hiroshima airport. There were no injuries. Initiation inspections showed leakage at the left-hand flap actuator.

JAL only has one configuration for A300-600R. The H12 configuration has 290 seats (34J 256Y). But report from Aviation Herald says there were 296 passengers and 9 crews onboard at the time of the accident LOL I hope those 9 extra passengers did not have to sit on the toilets as there are only 6 onboard :P Most likely it was a typo. So was it a full flight with 287 passengers or there were only 196 passengers? I couldn't find a Japanese article on this incident yet so we will have to wait for Simon from Aviation Herald to update this. But given the previous load data, I would guess there were 196 passengers onboard. The average load factor on that route in March 2009 was 59.3%. But I would love to see a full flight :P

By the way, when I was searching for this incident, I found out the exact same flight had an incident at around the same time 5 years ago on March 22 2005. What a coincident! Maybe it's not a good time to fly on JL1700 say on March 20 2015 :P

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