Which companies the Japanese graduates want to work for?


There's a survey about the most popular corporation among college graduates done every year. And the results for 2011 Spring graduates are released. Last year Japan Airlines was the 5th most popular company among the Arts graduates. So how low has JAL drop in the ranking this year? Any guess???

Among the Arts students, JAL ranks 40th this year. That is expected because who would want to work for a bankrupted company except for people like me (yea I still want to work for JAL :P). The top 3 positions remain unchanged from last year. The top 3 positions are: JTB, Shishiseido, and ANA. This is the third year in a row that JTB scores the top position (didn't they buy the JALPak brand in the US :P).

Don't worry, JAL is not alone. Another big company that sees a big drop is Toyota for the obvious reason. It drops from 7th to 13th among the science graduates this year...while JR central and JR East see big jumps! So does that mean transportation is getting more popular in Japan?

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