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Japan Airlines (JAL) finally got back to me yesterday regarding whether booking class 'X' qualifies for the 400 Fly On Point (FOP) bonus. It took JAL two weeks to confirm this as they were confused themselves about this change. And as expected, the new business booking class does qualify for this bonus. So below is the JAL Mileage Bank miles and FOP summary effective April 1 2010

Mileage Accumulation Rate
First Class
150%: F, A
Business Class
125%: J, C, D, X
70%: I
Economy Class (includes Premium Economy)
100%: W, Y
70%: B, E, H, K, M, L, V, S*
50%: Q, N, O, G, R

* Booking class S will only earn 50% miles if it is booked as individual inclusive tour fare.

Classes eligible for upgrade: J/C/D/X/W/Y/E/B/H/K

Classes (international) eligible for FOP bonus: F/A/J/C/D/X/I/W/E/Y/B/H/K/M/L/V/S

As of just now, JAL still has not update the FOP bonus page to reflect this change. But they have assured me the department responsible for this has been notified and will make the change shortly. In contrast, I e-mailed JAL about typo in their press release yesterday and they replied and fixed the problem within 24 hours. What's the difference? One is handled by JAL America and the other (faster) one is handled by JAL Japan :P

For more details, you can refer to JAL website:
- Accumulation Rate Changes
- Upgrade Award Changes
- FOP Bonus Changes

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