Goodbye! JAL Cargo freighter


Japan Airlines has announced changes to its cargo business. After October 2010, JAL will no longer operate freighter flights and will solely depend on its passenger flights for its cargo transportation.

This change comes as no surprise as there were rumors floating around after the talks with NYK broke off and JAL has been utilizing its passenger flights to transport cargos for a long time. According to the press release, the cargo space provided by JAL passenger flights' belly is 3 times the capacity of its freighter flights! In short, this change will cut its cargo business costs since JAL has to operate those scheduled passenger flights anyways. And JAL can fill up its cargo space easier.

The biggest change would be no more freighter flights to Anchorage as JAL does not have scheduled passenger flights to Alaska (it has seasonal charter flights only). So how are they going to fly the Alaska salmon back to Japan for sushi now? :P If you want to take pictures of the silver/white JALCargo plane, do it by the end of October. They will be gone after that!

Source: JAL Press Release

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