JAL Global Club challenge


No this is not the kind of challenge on AA in which you only have a fast track to attain your status. Since Japan Airlines announced the changes in JAL Global Club (JGC), a number of people have asked me similar questions: What is the cheapest way to obtain JGC. So I have started a thread on FlyerTalk JAK Mileage Bank forum.

Below are a couple of reminders when you calculate the Fly On Points (FOPs) and miles.

  1. If you have a Japanese bank account, apply for JALCard so you can earn 10-20% more FOPs during the campaign period.
  2. Double miles promotion till end of May but this only applies to actual miles, not the FOPs. The only bonus FOP campaigns are the JALCard one and the regular 400 FOPs bonus on certain fares.
  3. The quickest way probably is to do a domestic mileage run. A short flight e.g. HND-ITM can earn as much as 1072 FOPs if you fly in Y (100% mileage rate) but this will not earn you the most miles.
  4. International mileage run will give you better miles/yen but it takes a much longer time to complete and might cost more because of the hotel cost.
  5. Japan domestic flights earn 2x FOPs, China flights earn 1.5x FOPs, others earn 1x FOPs.
  6. All oneworld flights earn FOPs.
  7. There are two ways to qualify for JMB elites, one is by FOPs and the other is by total number of sectors with minimum FOPs.
  8. The target is 50,000 FOPs or 50 sectors with at least 15,000 FOPs.

Feel free to contribute, let's see how creative we can get. But no prize for winning this challenge. All you get is the glory and pride :P

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