JAL expand codeshare agreement with British Airways


Map of Japan Airlines (JAL) and British Airways (BA) expanded codeshare network (The new JAL and BA code sharing network. Routes in red are the new additions. The only misleading information here is JAL doesn't fly over the Atlantic to London :P. Source: JAL Press Release)

British Airways (BA) delivers first part its promise to Japan Airlines (JAL) made during the Delta fist fight. JAL and BA announced today that they will expand their code sharing flights to include 13 new routes. And JAL finally add Athens back to its network after it suspended that route 20 years ago! And JAL and BA are currently studying further partnership (2nd part of BA's promise, to file ATI with JAL)

The new codeshare routes will be added in two batches. 9 of them will be added on March 28 2010 and the remaining 4 will be added April 28 2010. Tickets sale will start on their commencement dates.

Below are the 9 routes to be added on March 28

JL5109 London (Heathrow) - Dusseldorf 19:00-21:20 (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Su)
JL5100 Dusseldorf - London (Heathrow) 16:45-17:05 (Daily)

JL5141 London (Heathrow) - Munich 19:55-22:45 (Daily)
JL5142 Munich -London (Heathrow) 16:20-17:15 (Daily)

JL5143 London (Heathrow) - Berlin 18:35-21:25 (Daily)
JL5144 Berlin - London (Heathrow) 16:40-17:35 (Daily)

JL5105 London (Heathrow) - Geneva 19:50-22:25 (Daily)*
JL5106 Geneva - London (Heathrow) 15:15-15:55 (Daily)*

JL5107 London (Heathrow) - Basel 19:00-21:35 (Daily)*
JL5108 Basel - London (Heathrow) 12:25-13:05 (Daily)*

JL5145 London (Heathrow) - Stockholm 20:10-22:35 (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Su)
JL5146 Stockholm - London (Heathrow) 15:40-17:15 (Daily)

JL5147 London (Heathrow) - Copenhagen 19:00-21:50 (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Su)
JL5148 Copenhagen - London (Heathrow) 16:30-17:25 (Daily)

JL5149 London (Heathrow) - Oslo 19:15-22:20 (Daily)
JL5140 Oslo - London (Heathrow) 11:55-13:15 (Daily)

JL5103 London (Heathrow) - Brussels 20:40-22:45 (Daily)*
JL5104 Brussels - London (Heathrow) 17:20-17:25 (Daily)*

Below are the 4 routes to be added on April 24

JL5163 London (Heathrow) - Prague 18:35-21:35 (Daily)
JL5164 Prague - London (Heathrow) 14:55-16:00 (Daily)

JL5161 London (Heathrow) - Athens 20:50-02:25 +1 (Daily)*
JL5162 Athens -London (Heathrow) 14:50-16:40 (Daily)*

JL5101 London (Heathrow) - Madrid 19:40-23:00 (Daily)
JL5102 Madrid - London (Heathrow) 14:15-15:30 (Daily)

JL5353 London (Heathrow) - Barcelona 18:20-21:25 (Daily)
JL5354 Barcelona - London (Heathrow) 16:35-17:55 (Daily)

*New addition to JAL network

With these new codeshare flights, JAL and BA will have 23 code sharing flights and JAL's Europe network will grow to 36 cities with 54 routes.

So first part of the enhance partnership is done. Second part is ATI between Japan and the UK. According to the press release, JAL and BA are studying that possibility. Hopefully this won't turn into another NYK negotiation which broke off last month.

oneworld partners Japan Airlines and British Airways are in discussions to further augment their bilateral partnership beyond codeshare arrangements, details of which will be announced as soon as developments are finalized. Customers of the alliance-partners can be certain to look forward to exciting new products offered in the near future.

Source: JAL Press Release

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