How did JAL decorate the Doraemon Jet?


Step 4 of painting JAL Doraemon Jet
Step 4: Peel off the stickers. Picture by Japan Airlines

You should know Japan Airlines has a Doraemon Jet by now. So how did JAL decorate the aircraft? No JAL did not paint the Doaremon characters on the aircraft. Instead, they use stickers! JAL has updated the Doraemon special site show you the process. Also, JAL added a page for the Doraemon Jet schedule!


  1. Protect the windows and door opening! Cover them with masking tapes.
  2. Assemble the puzzle. The banner is about 3.5m x 15m. It consists of 28 stickers and each of them is only 1mm thick! So the workers have to layout the pieces on the floor and find out how they fit together beforehand.
  3. Carefully attach the stickers onto the rear part of the plane. There are only 2cm overlaps between stickers!
  4. Peel off the sticker. (I am completely lost in this step. I think the Japanese description talks about technology used in the sticker.)
  5. Remove the part covering the windows and door. Workers have to be really careful not to make any cut on the aircraft body. A tiny cut will cause corrosion and could cause an accident!
  6. Done. Time to appreciate the JAL Doraemon Jet!

If you visit JAL website (in Japanese), you can see the pictures and description of each step (Click the numbers 1-6 to go through each of the step). The site also contains pictures of various Doraemon products which were announced earlier (the only pictures I haven't seen are the happy kid riding a Doraemon car and the Doraemon kid area)

JAL will update the Doraemon Jet schedule every day at 18:00. Only the schedule of the next day is available. So you won't know until the day before if your flight is scheduled to be one of the Doraemon flights. You can see the daily update here.

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