Confirmed AH1N1 case on JL711


Singapore has announced 6 new cases of confirmed AH1N1. One of them took a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Singapore on June 11 2009. The Singapore Government has initiated a contact tracing on passengers who have close contact with the patient on that flight.

The 25th confirmed case in Singapore is a 15 year old male who returned to Singapore from San Francisco. He arrived at 12:30am on June 11 2009 on JL711. He was seated at row 32. The Singapore authority is trying to contact passengers sitting on row 30-34 on the same flight and they are urged to call their hotline at 1800-333-9999.

The online report doesn't specify the flight the patient took from SFO to NRT. JAL has only one daily flight from SFO to NRT and AA has no direct flight from SFO to NRT. Assuming the patient stayed on a Oneworld airlines, JL001 on June 9 2009 would likely be the flight. But this is just my speculation and there's no information on which row the patient sat during the SFO flight.

Even though AH1N1 is just like a common flu, it could still be fatal to people with chronic illness. So if you are on JL711, you should at least contact them to have a check up for your and your families and friends' own good.

Source: Asiaone



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