SUPER discounted upgrade award promotion is coming to the US


If you feel left out when you see JMB members from all other regions can take advantage of the JAL SUPER discounted upgrade award promotion but not the North America members, you don't have to. The promotion is indeed coming to the US too.

Even though the Japan Airlines North America website has not been updated with the promotion details, I have confirmation that the promotion is coming to the US too. And we actually get the better deal compare to members in other regions. Members from Europe, Middle East and South Africa can only upgrade tickets in the more expensive booking classes (Y/W/B), which isn't a very good deal. If my little bird is correct, booking classes Y/W/B/H/K are eligible in North America region. I think the lowest fare available for transpacific flights eligible to upgrade is K (at least that's the lowest one available from JAL North America website).

But I am still not convinced about the time I was told this promotion is going to start and there are quite a few conditions of this promotion that is different from other regions if my little bird does not misread the fine prints . Hopefully JAL will update the US website soon. But for now you just have to take my words for it.



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