A LOT more lighters found stuck at seats


Due to the fire incident caused by the lighter stuck in between seats on Japan Airlines flight 653 from Osaka to Taipei on June 6 2009, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has ordered a complete search for foreign objects stuck in between seat gaps on 551 aircraft from 21 airlines. You will be surprised on how many lighters are found, especially on JAL metals.

According to the report, there were a total of 76 lights found on 57 planes. 59 out of 76 lighters were found on JAL planes! That's 77.6% of the lighters found!!! And ANA only has 6!?!?!?! What's wrong with this? Did JAL do a more thorough search for the lighter or ANA did a better job cleaning up? Or it's just the passengers flying ANA don't bring as many lighters onboard? Or maybe ANA has smaller planes and fly fewer passengers (yes this must be it LOL)?

Below is the breakdown of the results:
JAL (270 planes): 59 found on 43 planes
ANA (203 planes): 6 found on 6 planes
Skymark (11 planes): 8 found on 5 planes
AirDo (8 planes): 1 found
SNA (8 planes): 1 found
IBEX (4 planes): 1 found
Others (7 planes): none found

MLIT issued two advisories (or suggestions?):

  1. The airlines should educate the passenger about leaving items on the plane on their website and in the inflight magazine
  2. Periodic inspection should be conducted to check for foreign objects stuck in the seats. 

I hope JAL will do a better job inspecting the seats next time and avoid this kind of embarrassment in the future...

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Press Release (Japanese only)



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