Further price cut on JAL 2009 calendars


JALUX has recently reduced the already reduced price of JAL 2009 calendar. The calendars are now reduced to USD9.00, which is a 50% off MSRP! (This kind of makes sense given 2009 is half gone).

Every year JAL release four different themes of calendar: Cabin Attendant, Fleet, A World of Beauty and Art. They came in both Japanese and English and there are a couple of different sizes to choose from. However JALUX USA only imports the largest size (16.5"W x 23.5"H) English versions. For the obvious reason, the Cabin Attendant one sold out looooooooooong before they first went on sale. There are still stock left for the remaining three versions of calendar.

To order the calendar, visit JALUX USA. Ignore the sale price of USD13.00 on the page. That's an outdated price. If you click into the individual calendar, you can see the price has been reduced to USD9.00. Hurry up get it while it last!



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