773 is coming to LAX and ORD on October 25th


I have been asked this question so many times. When will LAX (Los Angeles) switch from 744 to 773? Japan Airlines has finally updated its website to show JL062 and JL061 will switch to 773 on October 25 2009. And Chicago see the same change on the same day. But JAL probably hasn't updated their inventory or online booking system because I still can't buy a Premium Economy class ticket. Below is the booking page on JAL website



  1. It's about time! Now can we get a new terminal in LAX to go with it? :d

  2. LOL

    I actually like 744 a lot...Time to say goodbye to my favorite upper deck exit window seats

  3. Yep, I loved 19A or K myself but I'm looking forward to trying the Shell Flat Neo out of SFO in August.