Rumor: JAL converts its 787-3 orders to 787-8


According to Jon Ostrower from Flight Blogger, JAL has converted all of its 787-3 orders to 787-8 due to delay in 787-3 productions. But JAL couldn't be reached to comment on this.

There are three versions of 787 planned and the short to mid-range 787-3 are marketed specifically for the Japanese markets. However, Boeing has decided to reallocate its resources to the development of 787-9 and has suspended its work on the 787-3.

So far only JAL and ANA have placed orders on this version of the 787. If JAL converts all of its orders of 787-3 to 787-8, that will leave ANA the only airlines that has placed an order on this plane. Will this make boeing cancel this version of the plane? Boeing says they are still committed to have ANA as the launch customer of 787-3. We will see.

Source: Flight Blogger



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