JAL wants my money again ;)


Yesterday I wrote about the bad experience I had with JAL ticketing and JMB helpdesk. Today I try to call JAL again and this time the experience is completely different and they are AWESOME!

First I asked my travel agent to put me on the waiting list on the sold-out flight which I hold a lower booking class ticket. Then I called JAL reservation helpdesk. This time a JAL agent picked up immediately. After I told him I have an issued ticket in N class and tried to change it to a K class ticket, he immediately knew I was trying to do an upgrade and take advantage of the SUPER discounted upgrade award. He sent a message trying to clear the waitlist for me so I can re-issue the ticket and do the upgrade. But once he noticed there is only one seat left for the upgrade award on the flight (at least by that time it only had 1 left, now more opens up), he said he can transfer me to JMB helpdesk so they can hold the seat for me (talk about taking initiative :). So I was transferred to JMB helpdesk and an agent picked up within a minute. She held the awards and to my surprise even cleared the waiting list for me immediately!!! So I was able to confirm my upgrade and re-issue my ticket within 10 minutes!!! Compare to yesterday, I would be still listening to "I will be there with you" and waiting for the next available agent after 10 minutes LOL

I think it is the waitlist reservation my travel agent made that makes a difference of the outcome of my call. Without that JAL can't even touch my reservation. Special thanks to Tak from FlyerTalk forum for checking out the waitlist issue for me with his wife. And the awesome JAL agents I talked to today. But the JMB agent who told me she doesn't know what waiting list I (and the JAL ticketing agent) was talking about...sorry you need more training.



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