JAL CANCELED cabin attendant calendar!!!


This is actually old news but I will post it anyways. I didn't know until recently that JAL has cancelled future publication of its cabin attendant calendars due to "low" demand!!!

Are you serious? There's low demand for the cabin attendant calendars??? They were the first one to sold out. Maybe they didn't print as much as the other three? But this is sad...The cabin attendant calendars have been around for 20 years. It was first published in 1989. According to the report, the demand peaked in 1993 when about 100,000 copies were printed. Last year there were only 50,000 copies of cabin attendant calendars were printed.

I hope this is just a rumor or JAL change its mind (which is very unlikely considered the recent cost cutting measures). For those of us who didn't buy the final release of the cabin attendant calendar, all we can do is to head over to here and look at the online image and cry LOL.

Source: Lets Japan



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