Cost saving - JAL style


Under the current economic environment, a lot of airlines are forced to introduce extra fees and think of ways to reduce costs. Some airlines choose to reduce seat pitch so they can squeeze more seats onto the plane, some lower the quality of services such as removing cup noodles from the menu (seriously!?). JAL has always been an innovator in this area but they have always done this with class and has not affected their quality of service.

Paul Steele, director of the environment at IATA, has recently revealed to Telegraph how JAL came up with all those creative fuel saving ideas. According to Steele, JAL took everything from a 747 and lay them out on the floor of a school gym. Then they review each item to see if it is really needed. As a result, they have come up with ideas like reducing a fraction of a centimeter of the cutlery to cut weight. This alone will reduce a few kilograms on each flight and will translate to huge annual saving considered how many 744 flights they operate.

Who said JAL are non flexible and blindly follow the rules? They can also be creative when the time comes! I am glad that their creative minds have once again have come up with ideas to save the airlines money without deteriorating the quality of services. Good job JAL!

Source: London Telegraph



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