I hope I am getting more than just a piece of SHEET


When I was writing the previous post about the aircraft used on the LAX route, I went to JAL Japan site to get the link and configuration name (I am not crazy enough to remember them yet!). I noticed there's a funny typo on JAL website. 

The seats in F are JAL Suite (or SkySleeper Solo), and the ones in J are called Flat Shell Neo (or Flat Shell). So what do the ones in Premium Economy called? I thought I know the answer by heart but when I double check, I found out I am completely wrong LOL. Apparently you don't even get a seat in PY, all you get is just a piece of SHEET!!! If you pay extra, you will get upgraded from having a seat in Y to a piece of sheet in PY LOL. I remember JAL advertises their PY seats are the first shell seats in the PY in any other airlines. Looks like they are actually the first airlines to offer just a piece of sheet to the passengers LOL

Introducing the Sky Shell SHEET: 

Introducing JAL Sky Shell SHEET
Introducing JAL Sky Shell SHEET

I actually had quite a good laugh when I spotted the typo (you do know I was kidding right? You can't possibly think JAL only offer you a piece of sheet in PY LOL). I have contacted JAL and they should be fixing the typo soon (last time they did that pretty quick).



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