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JAL has announced another campaign targeting its American region members. If you sign up for the JAL Family Club and apply for the Premio credit card, you can earn 2000 bonus miles for every 2 transpacific segments on JAL Group flights, up to a maximum of 6,000 miles per member (max. 2 members per family). 

Other than this campaign, they have a list of upcoming campaign planned for the JFC members with Premio credit card. Below are the list (dates subject to change)

  1. 1,000 miles for enrolling in the Prime plan of Premio car life support (Begins in July)
  2. 500 miles for enrolling in the U.S. educational information service Premier Edu (Begins in July)
  3. 2,500 miles for enrolling in the Berlitz English language school (Begins in August)
  4. 2,500 miles for purchasing airline ticket through JAL website (Begins in October)
  5. 1,500 miles for referring friends (Begins in December)

Looks like JAL is really trying to capture the leisure travel to offset the decrease in business travel. The planned upcoming campaigns shows JAL knows how to suck something other than our luggage LOL. Well at least they are trying to. Too bad the 2,000 bonus miles campaign only applies to new JFC members and I don't qualify for it. Even without this campaign, signing up for JFC would allow you to do family pooling on your miles and it only costs USD30 per year. And the other bonus miles almost make up for the costs. You can refer to JMB America website for details and restrictions of the campaign.

Source: JMB America website



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