Yes, JAL!


Back in 1990, Janet Jackson was the spokesperson of Japan Airlines and she shot a couple of commercials for JAL. Seeing her dancing around with a JAL 744 flying in the background and then hearing she says "Yes, JAL!" is just priceless LOL.

Yes, JAL! - 1990 JAL New Executive class CM (sounds like they haven't branded their J cabin as Seasons yet and the seats look like Skyluxe):

Here's another one of Janet Jackson JAL CM, also aired in 1990. She just dances around in the CM and there's no JAL product shown at all LOL:

I am not sure if this actually will attract people other than Janet Jackson's fans to fly on JAL. I may even become reluctant to fly on JAL if I haven't flown on them before. Good that I wasn't old enough to pick my own flights and more importantly not old enough to remember this CM LOL



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