JAL 2010 calendar is ready for pre-order


Talk about time flies, we are already in the middle of 2009. While the 2009 calendars are still on sale in the US, Japan Airlines Hong Kong is accepting pre-orders for JAL 2010 calendars already. Expected delivery date is in mid-November 2009.

 Same as previous years, somehow JAL Hong Kong has decided to import the "A World of Beauty" calendar only but not the other three. There is probably not enough demand on the other ones. I can understand why the Arts and JAL fleet calendars might not sell so well in Hong Kong, but how about the JAL cabin attendants!?!? I can't believe there are not enough perverts admirers out there (ok...I only plan on buying the JAL fleet calendars...so it is possible that there's not enough demand for the cabin attendant one).

Anyways, there's a special discount if you pre-order the calendar from JAL Hong Kong now. It is only HKD38 per piece, roughly USD5! But the minimum order is 2 cartons, which translate to 50 calendars LOL. They are accepting pre-orders until July 10 2009. You can visit JAL Hong Kong website for more details on how to place your pre-orders (I doubt anyone reading this blog would need 50 "A World of Beauty" calendars :P).



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