JAL SUPER discount upgrade award promotion for north america members (updated)


Update: JAL has now posted a tiny banner on JMB page and send out e-mail to JMB members. So hurry up! The secret is out LOL

Japan Airlines has finally updated its website to show the details of the SUPER discount upgrade award promotion for its North America JMB members.

Looks like North America members gets the better deal and it doesn't require both inbound and outbound to be issued in an upgradable booking class. And as I mentioned in my previous post, booking class Y/W/B/H/K are eligible.

You still couldn't find the link from the main page, JMB page, nor JMB campaign list from now. But you can access the page if you type in the URL yourself or simply click here. Sshh! Let's keep this as our secret for now :)



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