Lost in translation


I have just read the Chinese version of the notice Japan Airlines put up on their site recently (the one with the title of "To JAL customers worldwide: Let us put your mind at ease"). There are some discrepancies in the point regarding JAL Mileage Bank program in the Chinese and English versions.

In the Chinese version found on JAL Hong Kong website, it says award redemption rate will NOT go up and JAL is studying ways to improve the JMB program such that miles are easier to accumulate and awards are easier to redeem. The key point that's missing in the English version is "redemption rate won't go up". So I decided to read the Japanese version and it does mention "redemption rate" at the last point (but I am not 100% sure because the notice is in a graphic format and google translate won't work in this case LOL). But probably this point which concerns a lot of JMB members is lost when JAL translates the notice to English!

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  1. Hello Jal-pak !
    I checked Japanese version of the announcement and it said not going up the redemption rate.

    hope it still continues,

    by the way ... I decided to move from JL-Diamond to CX Marco Polo from this trip and I am now at Gold MCP.
    ( status match !!!)



  2. Thanks Taro! Or should I call you traitor LOL I think what the notice probably meant was there's no immediate plan to increase the redemption rate but who knows when they join ST. JAL might even switch to sector mileage based redemption system like ANA :)

    Just curious, why are you moving to CX MPC? Is it because of the bankruptcy or JAL leaving OW? One thing I like about MPC is their seats guarantee benefit. But make sure your keep your JGC membership. In case you change your mind later, you won't have to start with nothing on JAL if they refuse to match your status :P

  3. Hello JAL-Pak!
    hahaha.... I believe JAL moves ST anyway and I got an offer from MPC GOLD from JL-Diamond, I will try to do my best to stay on it.( hope nothing happen at CX side ... )
    Reasons to leaving from JAL are :
    Yes, JL goes to ST...
    1. ST is not good service provider of Airline Carriers like JL, CX... I know the PAX are differ from JAL's ... sure...
    I have been using JAL for my Biz. trip from SFO to HKG or HKH, PVG,TPE via NRT, I have been using K class tkt or Discount C from TPE...
    I had many many and very very bad experience with NW ( my colleague who are using UA in LOCAL flights, never never use DL because the reputation of services ... )
    2. I have been touched with JL First Class Lounge, CX HKG's, TPE's... etc...
    The CX lounge service seems one of the best and I can not leave from them...
    And CX flights were not so bad for me, Y and C so far...
    3. as you know the service of JL becomes worse since last year, you know
    Tooth Brush changed, Otumami (Snacks) changed in 3-4 times last year...
    The meal cost down has been taken from last year again.
    Sparkling wine / wine list stays almost same as is even they changed something differ from last 2 months....
    I felt the cost down result went to their pocket not something else, such other services...

    I am just PAX on JAL and I will consider to come back when JAL recovers with the nice reputation...
    Thus, Thanks for your suggestion, I will keep JGC-Card as much as I can .

    From this year, I will fly with CX and NH ( SFC so far... ) and may be from April I will fly with JL again( to consume my upgrade points and charge the miles to CX.. )

    it is really Sad, they decided to move to ST ...

  4. Taro,

    So you have SFC, it's easy to keep your JGC membership then. Just apply for a JALCard if you haven't done so already :)

    I don't really like those ST carriers either. DL has a even more ridiculous program that would let even more people to qualify as elite than AA!!!. Since I only fly on JAL whenever possible these days, switching to ST won't affect me as much. The only difference is now my domestic MR flights have to be on DL instead of AA. I don't use the lounges at HKG but maybe I should give it a try on my next trip.

    By the way, JAL now changes its snacks every month. But the rice crackers are all from the same company, they just package different kinds every month. And I heard CX has been cutting costs in the meals in C too. Don't be surprised if you find your wine and food is worse than before. But if you find it unbearable, the good thing is JAL will always welcome you with open arms LOL

    And Lucky you! I hope I have a job that would pay me to fly to HKG or China, even in Y and let alone in C. You have to hook me up for that LOL

  5. Come back Taro! Looks like JAL is staying in OW. No need to jump to CX. COME BACK!!!

  6. Hello JALPak, First of All, Thanks for your kind notice !
    Yes I just came back from HKG and JAPAN Biz. trip...
    What was happen ? it is good decision for JAL ???
    I can give u some idea what I traveled this time and idea , my opinion about CX. and about JAL as well.

    1. Right decision for JAL to stay with AA ?
    I am glad JAL will stay with OW -AA but I have basic question, whether JAL can survive for long ?
    Dr. Inamori decision because focuses for 3 yrs from now on to survival game .
    ST is so strong about the market, especially pacific and low-middle end asian market, I am sure they are attacking them as competitor...
    Chayo~~~ for JAL and Dr. Inamori and Pls., be in mind why other people tried JAL to join ST even they know to face the toughness in 1-2 yrs...

    2. My Bix. trip to HKG/CHINA and JAPAN from 02/03 to 02/12
    All CX except domestic JAPAN
    SFO-HKG - TPE - KIX -(JAL) - NRT - HKG - SFO
    Basically I could say CX Class much better than JL C class,
    But not for Y class, The Y class I found JAL is better than CX, for meal.

    At Business Class, long haul flight has flat sheet and I could sleep very well even midnight flight.
    The meal and drink service is better than JAL because CX has very nice wines, even port wines... sparkling wines.. with very nice cheese selection... served meat ( beef steak quality is much better than JAL as well) was awesome !

    At Y class, the if CX equipped with long haul seat for regional flight such HKG-NRT, KIX-TPE, TPE-HKG ...
    is the best.... among the carriers...

    Pls., do no seat 30H at 74A of CX, you will freeze and you may be disturbed because CAs run beside you !!!

    I can come back to JAL from the next flight and these CX flight experience has nice for me to know the others..

    Cheers... ,

  7. You mean better than this? http://lh6.ggpht.com/_zR2W0MjbbUQ/S3fshjAM5hI/AAAAAAAABEc/AGyraqtUbVY/s640/2009-12-10%20JL061%20entree%201.JPG

    It's interesting that you find the C meal on CX is better because I kept hearing how the C meal has been downgraded due to cost saving on the CX forum. Now you make me wonder what it was like before the downgrade LOL (or you were just too hungry on your flight :P)

    JAL needs to roll out new C seats ASAP. I know the NEO seat is only 1.5 years old and it is a very nicely designed seat. I love the attention to little details and extra storage space. But you just can't compete with the truly flat seat for sleeping comfort (unless the seat is so narrow as some people has commented about CX's seats). Before this wasn't a problem for JAL as NH has similar seats in C. But NH is rolling out the new lie-flat seat in August (assuming no more delays), JAL needs to do something to compete with their closest competitor at home!

    I had some really bad experience with CX before. And I have heard some horrible stories from CX's CAs. That's why I have been trying to avoid them. Maybe I should give them a second chance when I plan my family trip next time IF JAL doesn't fly to the destination :P

    And welcome back :)

  8. Thanks Jal-pak!
    AS far as you fly at C class of CX, it is better than JL for
    Meal : references to compare to CX and Tenderloin Beef I took was much better than JAL provides from SFO-NRT.
    Sure it was better than JL... JL meat was terrible from SFO and I asked JL to improve since 2008 but never changed. Since that trip was the first for me for CX long haul and it was great !!!
    I do not like JL meal selection from SFO to NRT anyway... ( Fish also not good as I know ...)
    Drink : They have better Wines, white and red and more delicious Sparkling wine as well.. keeps Port wine and several liquor for cocktail making... with nice Cheese you may like...
    Seat : As you know , The Full flat seat is in fact narrow but it was nice to sleep and void jet lug...

    Suggestion : Do not take 30H seat : I was freeze when I backed from HKG to SFO... I do not recommend you to take CX Y class, if you need to take it , take JAL PY not Y , then it is better than CX, sure...

    REgarding Video LCD, CX has HD quality video provides and not at JL, I know JL LCD has capable to show HD program but not the contents yet ...

    I can give you horrible experience at return flight from HKG to SFO... thus, I do not RECOMMEND Y for long haul flight ....

    By the way, I got a message from JL SFO office to have an appointment to meet with...
    They, SFO executive and Account manager wants to meet me....
    Anyway, if any, I will let you know !!!
    Keep In touch...

    Again, Thanks Jal-pak !

  9. Thanks for the advice. I will remember that when I fly on CX the next time.

    MAGIC-III is a pretty old system. It is one of the first AVOD IFEs. Even though it has been upgraded two years ago, I suspect the hardware might not support HD content, at least 100+ channels of that. CX Studio is relatively new, so maybe that's the difference. I can't wait for JAL to roll out MAGIC-V (if there's one, probably on 787?)

    Your recent CX probably has triggered some kind of alert because you are banking JL domestic flight miles on CX account! That's probably why the JL SFO executive and account manager wants to meet you? If that's the case, you should definitey give tell them what you think about the catering on JL vs CX flight and hopefully they will listen this time.

    Too bad, I didn't generate enough revenue for JL to assign an account manager to me :P Good luck with the meeting :)


  10. Hello JAL-Pak,
    I do not think I / or our company generates enough revenue for JL neither...
    Yeah, as soon as fix the date, I will tell them the stories what I had with JL flights... ( Not only Food, luggage broken, tremendous delay , tried to charge more and more ... etc... )
    Hahaha... with many flight experience and I had goo things and bad things with JL....

    Hope JL listens me about those !!!

    Cheers !