JAL against bankruptcy and prefers Delta


Japan Airlines CEO Haruka Nishimatsu did an interview with the Asahi on New Year, which is published today. In the interview, he states that he is against the idea of JAL filing for bankruptcy and dropping the entire JAL international network, and prefers Delta as JAL's overseas partner.

According to Reuters,

"The image (of bankruptcy) would affect us and we would lose customers," Nishimatsu was quoted as saying. "If we lose recognition from customers, restructuring would be difficult and this will trouble the ETIC too."


"(Switching to SkyTeam) would involve a big process of changing systems, but (we need to consider) whether or not to value Asia," Nishimatsu told the Asahi. "In that sense, SkyTeam has many Asian carriers."

JAL will make the decision of the overseas partner in early January, which means very soon (this week?). Maybe it's finally time to say goodbye to AA :P

I am not quite sure what bankruptcy entails, but if it means JAL can start fresh AND I keep my miles and status, it wouldn't be such a bad idea. When I choose which airlines to fly on, all I care is the safety, reliability and customer service. I don't really care if JAL is bankrupt or not. But of course, if JAL does go bankrupt, it may be hard for them to raise capital in the near future. And look at UA, they haven't made new aircraft purchases for a long time. JAL needs new aircraft to replace the aging fleet and for the um....expansion :P

Looks like there will be more news coming in the next two weeks...stay tune.



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