ANA CEO: Government asked for our help


According to, ANA's CEO Shinichiro Ito said the Japanese government has officially asked ANA to cooperation during Japan Airlines' restructuring process. But there is specific details about what kind of help ANA will provide.

"At this stage, nothing has been decided yet," said Ito, who is set to help ensure smooth flight operations by filling a vacuum possibly made through the ailing carrier's rehabilitation process.

I am not sure what ANA can do to help during the process other than taking over JAL's network (oh how about not to compete with JAL and give JAL your passengers LOL)...It won't be ANA's best interests to take over the suspended routes. If JAL are making money on them, they wouldn't have to suspend them...Maybe ANA has a lower cost (which is probably true). Or is this just in case JAL has to be grounded, ANA has to step in? But how are they going to find the aircraft to do so? Buy it from JAL? LOL I guess we will find out pretty soon :)



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