JAL Mileage Bank miles will soon be easier to earn? Really!?!?


Japan Airlines does not give out specific, but easier to earn miles is one of the points in the latest notice on JAL American Region website. The title of the notice is "To JAL customers worldwide: Let us put your mind at ease". The notice is mainly to assure customers they don't have to worry about anything and should continue to fly on JAL. So it's very similar to previous notices.

Below are the main points:

  1. Business as normal
  2. Flight safety is still and has always been the number 1 priority
  3. Commit to provide personalized customer service and is developing new services to meet the needs of time
  4. Miles are still intact and will be credited as usual. AND ADDITIONAL MILES WILL SOON BE EVEN EASIER TO EARN!

The last point is interesting. How will miles be easier to earn? Any ideas???? I hope it's not some lame promotions like JAL will credit you 150 bonus miles for every online check-in. By the way this is a real promotion JAL had in the past and it is a great promotion. But if put in this context, it isn't so great. When they say even easier to earn, I expect something like their the double mileage campaign they had a few years ago which even the cheapest transpacific fare is eligible LOL Or maybe JAL will join Delta and increase all award redemption requirements. Then give 100% accumulation rate on JAL flights :P (hopefully this is not the case, because that means the miles in my account will be depreciated)

But I have a feeling that I am getting excited for nothing and at the end I will just be disappointed.



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