New benefits for JAL elites


Japan Airlines has rolled out two added benefits to its most frequent flyers, i.e. elite members. The two added benefits are "Frequent Visitor e-Channel at HKG" and "Forward Seat Assignments on Domestic Flights"

Hong Kong International Airport has extended its free frequent visitor e-channel service to Japan Airlines frequent flyers sicne From November 9 2009. After enrollment in the schema, JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, JMB Crystal, and JAL Global Club members can use the self-service immigration clearance machines and no longer required to complete the arrival and departure cards. For details of this added benefit and how to enroll in the scheme, you can refer to JAL website.

From Decemeber 15 2009, JAL has rolled out the "forward seat assignment" benefits on domestic flights for JMB Diamond, JGC Premier and JAL Global Club members. It is not clear to me what "forward seats" mean...Does it mean those Premium Economy class seats used as Y on domestic flights? Or just seats closer to the front of the aircraft? Anyone knows?

For details of the changed in elite benefits, you can refer to JAL website (overseas members, Japan members).



  1. JALPak:
    I am pretty close to getting JAL crystal elite (the lowest) and would like to know the benefits. The JAL website is a little confusing to me. Hopefully, you can definitively tell me what to expect. Do the benefits take place 2 months after we cross the threshold or is that just the card we have to wait for? Is the 50% bonus FOP points (elite qualifying points)or JUST RDM (ordinary non elite miles) or both. I also assume that Crystal elite is equivalent to OW Ruby status (so no lounge privileges just essentially some free baggage allowance and priority boarding/checkin) Thank you again.

  2. The benefit will start on the first day of the month and you have to wait up to two months for your elite benefit to start, e.g. if you qualify on Jan 15, your benefits will start on March but if you qualify on Jan 1, you still have to wait till Mar 1.

    50% Mile-Up bonus only applies to JL, BA, and AA flights. Those are only for redeemable bonus not FOPs. Yes Crystal is oneworld Ruby