Inamori: I will rebuild both domestic and international services and no decision on alliance yet (Update 3)


Kazuo Inamori held his inaugural press conference today at Tokyo. He talked about how he is going to rebuild Japan Airlines and of course the one question that concerns most people-whether JAL will choose AA or DL (sorry you will be disappointed by his answer to this question).

Inamori said even though he's an outsider in the airline industry, he will use his expertise, i.e. his famous coporate management skills, to rebuild JAL. Inamori also said JAL needs a robust service line-up and keep both domestic and international services (Yeah! LOL). In fact, he was asked not to withdraw from the international service.

"I cannot imagine what JAL's image would be like without international flights. I was asked to not scrap such operations. I will try to develop both domestic and international services."


Update 1:

What's missing in Nikkei's report is that Inamori commented on the alliance choice. He said JAL will pick between DL and AA as soon as possible. According to Masaru Onishi, the new COO, JAL is currently "neutral" between DL and AA. So it's still up in the air!?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Update 2: Here is the video of the TBS news report in Japanese.

Update 3: JAL has posted the speech of Inamori and Onishi at their website (in Japanese of course). But this time google translates it pretty well. So you can read the google translated version here. I am glad that both of them emphasized flight safety is the top priority. Onishi worked at the maintenance unit and he knows the importance of safety. I am confident that he won't compromise that during any cost cutting :)



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