Rumor: Dr. Kazuo Inamori is the top of JAL new CEO list

Tags reports that Dr. Kazuo Inamori, the honorary chairman of Kyocera, has been invited by the Japanese government and ETIC to be the new CEO of Japan Airlines when the current JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu resigns after the course of restructuring is established. Inamori is a very successful entrepreneur and is a founder of some very famous Japanese companies such as Kyocera and DDI (now KDDI). You can read his profile and management philosophy on his official site, or you can refer to wikipedia if you prefer :)

Update: Bloomberg has a report based on Nikkei's article. Apparently, Kazuo will respond within a week.



  1. well, if anyone can do it, then Inamori san can!He is a management legend and would have to be one of the world's leading business visionary. I wonder if he wll be able to take the role, as I know he has so many other obligations and would he need the "stress" of it all. An amazing Japanese Executive and one can only hope that he could take JAL and turn it around. His leadership at Kyocera and KDDI is the stuff of legends! Both companies combined now do over 60 Billion USD in revenue a year! And he is a "humanist". If he cant do, then I hope they listen to who he recommends for the task!!!

  2. I hope so. Looks like Inamori san is interested.