Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Changes to JMB Program

Japan Airlines will make changes to accumulation rate and classes eligible for upgrade awards in the JAL Mileage Bank program. These changes are effective from April 1 2010.

Mileage Accumulation Rate Changes:
'I' class: 125% -> 70% (announced earlier)
'S' class: 50% -> 70% (that's an increase!)
'Q' class: 70% -> 50%

Classes Eligible for Upgrade Award Changes
- 'I' class will be ineligible.
- 'L' class will be ineligible (announced earlier)
- 'E' class will be eligible

Mileage Accumulation Rate on/after April 1 2010 are:
First Class
150%: F, A
Business Class
125%: J, C, D
70%: I
Economy Class (includes Premium Economy)
100%: W, Y
70%: B, E, H, K, M, L, V, S, X
50%: Q, N, O, G, R

Classes eligible for upgrade on/after April 1 2010 are: J/C/D/W/Y/E/B/H/K

For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Accumulation Rate Changes, Upgrade Award Changes)

To me, having E class eligible for upgrade is a welcome change. I always want to try out the new PY cabin but due to the crazy Super Discounted Upgrade Award which has been running since last June, I always bought a K class ticket instead. Now E class is eligible for upgrade, I might cough up an extra few hundred dollars and buy an E class ticket instead of upgrade is not immediately available. Now only if they would give me the 400 Fly On Points bonus on E class tickets.

The changes actually surprise me a bit, especially there are actually improvement instead of just devaluations. Let's hope the award redemption table won't change any time soon :)


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