Changes to JMB Program


Japan Airlines will make changes to accumulation rate and classes eligible for upgrade awards in the JAL Mileage Bank program. These changes are effective from April 1 2010.

Mileage Accumulation Rate Changes:
'I' class: 125% -> 70% (announced earlier)
'S' class: 50% -> 70% (that's an increase!)
'Q' class: 70% -> 50%

Classes Eligible for Upgrade Award Changes
- 'I' class will be ineligible.
- 'L' class will be ineligible (announced earlier)
- 'E' class will be eligible

Mileage Accumulation Rate on/after April 1 2010 are:
First Class
150%: F, A
Business Class
125%: J, C, D
70%: I
Economy Class (includes Premium Economy)
100%: W, Y
70%: B, E, H, K, M, L, V, S, X
50%: Q, N, O, G, R

Classes eligible for upgrade on/after April 1 2010 are: J/C/D/W/Y/E/B/H/K

For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Accumulation Rate Changes, Upgrade Award Changes)

To me, having E class eligible for upgrade is a welcome change. I always want to try out the new PY cabin but due to the crazy Super Discounted Upgrade Award which has been running since last June, I always bought a K class ticket instead. Now E class is eligible for upgrade, I might cough up an extra few hundred dollars and buy an E class ticket instead of upgrade is not immediately available. Now only if they would give me the 400 Fly On Points bonus on E class tickets.

The changes actually surprise me a bit, especially there are actually improvement instead of just devaluations. Let's hope the award redemption table won't change any time soon :)



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