JL545 slide off icy taxiway at Sapporo on January 2


What's wrong with the Sapporo airport. Two incidents in two days LOL. This one actually happened before the JL3302 bird strike. Japan Airlines flight 545 from Haneda to Sapporo slides off the taxiway on January 2 2010 but no one was injured.

According to The Manichi Daily (in Japanese), It was a 777-300 aircraft with 192 passengers and 12 crew members onboard. The plane landed at around 9:30PM. When it was trying to enter the taxiway, it slides off the taxiway due to snow/ice on the ground. Non of the people on board was injured. If you go to the linked page, you can see a picture of the JAL plane still parked there off the taxiway at 2:13AM the next day :)

For those who understand Japanese, here is a video of the news report on FNN.

A JAL domestic 777-300 has 500 seats (78J 422Y). So the flight load is only 38.4%! Not a good sign at all. Maybe people are flying on January 3 instead :(



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