Last effort to save JAL?


FNN news (video and article in Japanese) reports that Japan Airlines staff are handing out hand-written messages to customers at Haneda. In the video, you can see JAL pilots, cabin attendants and mechanics handing out message cards at Haneda. Anyone knows what the hand-written message is about?

On the other hand, JAL staff are giving up their holidays (Jan 11 is national holiday in Japan) and go back to JAL office to call the retirees. They are trying their last effort to persuade them to agree with the proposed pension cuts. (You can see that in the video link above too).

This is touching and at the same time sad. I have done all I could as a passenger to help out JAL last year but apparently there are not many JALPak out there :(

Update: According to Q Shoe Guy from FlyerTalk, the hand-written message is to thank the customers for their support and with your help JAL will do its best to go through the forthcoming restructuring.



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