Japan Transport Minister wonder if they need both JAL and ANA


Japan Transport Minister Seiji Maehara has something new to say once again. This time he said he wonders if Japan needs both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways according to Nikkei.

"Just like All Nippon Airways Co. (9202), JAL is basically a private business," Maehara said. "We must think long and hard about whether Japan needs two major carriers, given intensifying global competition in this industry.

I don't trust a word from this politician mouth. He first said bankruptcy is NOT an option for JAL and then retracted that statement. We all know how it turns out now. But regarding this comment, does it mean they might eventually merge JAL and ANA's international operations? Say if they fail to turnover JAL in three years? I hope not. If Taiwan and Korea can have two airlines, why not Japan?



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