No capital tie-up, only business tie-up with US airlines


According to Nikkei, ETIC has decided a capital tie-up with either AA or Delta wouldn't do any good to Japan Airlines during the restructuring process. Therefore, JAL isn't picking for an alliance based on who's paying for more money (sorry AA), but who's providing more business synergy to JAL.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which is based on Nikkei's report,

JAL and the state-backed Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corp. of Japan (ETIC) have apparently concluded that at least for the time being, a capital tie-up with a foreign airline would do more harm than good if JAL wants to quickly implement restructuring measures under the aegis of the government and ETIC.

In other words, no minority stake on JAL! Only ATI agreement at the moment. Doesn't look like AA's sweetened offer will give its more advantage over Delta. As a result of this change, ETIC wants to spend more time on selecting the right partner for JAL amd therefore postponing the decision making. As the Transport Minister Seiji Maehara has previously suggested, decision won't be make till February. So any month of panic over award tickets? LOL



  1. If we are flying from MSY to DALLAS to NRT to MNL, VIA AA & JAL, are we not given FREE 2 CHECK-IN BAGGAGE for each PAX? Thank you.

  2. US DOT Exception applies. Baggage allowance is determined by your first marketing carrier who can either choose to apply its own policy or the MSC's policy