Alliance decision by end of February?


It's February 1 in Tokyo right now, which means it's the first day of work for Dr. Inamori as CEO of Japan Airlines and Onishi as COO. According to, Inamori and Onishi will hold an afternoon meeting with all department heads to talk about their vision for JAL. Afterwards they will hold a press conference about JAL's reconstruction policies (does it mean route cuts will finally be announced?). However, Nikkei also reports the plan is to make the alliance decision by end of February. So the bidding war isn't over yet and there still a month to go. But why is it taking so long? Come on, make up your mind now and apply for ATI ASAP! You are already a month behind ANA's ATI application :(



  1. Feb 2? Really? Considering that JP is behind AU and it's still the 1st here in AU. ;P

  2. Thanks mucai! My bad. It's a typo and I have fixed it already :)