ETIC issued statement


Due to increased concerns and rumors over Japan Airlines' future, ETIC has issued a statement outlining their current JAL restructuring strategy. Actually it's more like a pledge to guarantee operations so people won't freak out.

In the statement, ETIC states that it intends to ensure JAL has a smooth operations without any interruption. It also guarantees the followings:

  1. All regular business credits will be protected.
  2. Issued JAL air tickets are protected. Issued tickets can be used, changed, and refunded (of course assuming the fare rules allow)
  3. Aircraft lease agreements will be paid as usual.
  4. JAL Mileage Bank miles will be protected and can be used as usual.
  5. Issued JAL shareholders flight coupons will remain valid until it expires. 

I think ETIC is trying to help JAL to make some new bookings because there are so many passengers avoiding to fly on JAL due to its uncertainty. Hopefully this will ease the booking situation a bit. The complete statement can be found on ETIC website.



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