JAL new COO announced


Despite rumor saying Kazuo Inamori wants a different COO after meeting Masaru Onishi, Japan Airlines announced today that Onishi will be the next JAL President of JAL Corporation and JAL International, and also the COO of JAL Corporation. Satoru Tanaka will also be promoted to be the Deputy of Onishi, i.e. Executive Vice President of JAL Corporation and JAL International. Both of them will assume their new roles together with Inamori on February 1 2010. You can find the resumes of both Onishi and Tanaka from JAL Press Release (in Japanese). Both of them are JAL veterans who entered JAL at the same time and worked their way up from the bottom. Congratulations to both of them! Hopefully JAL is in good hands now :)

Update: Here is the English version of the Press Release. Asahi.com has a picture of Onishi.



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