ANA's "evil plan" revealed


ANA has released its corporate plan for fiscal year 2010, aka their evil plan of how to get stronger when Japan Airlines is "sick" LOL. There are plenty of expansions, especially 11.2% increase in capacity of its international flights. And as expected ANA increases frequencies of some of the routes suspended by JAL.

The title of their plan is "Introduction of “Narita-Haneda Dual Hub” model: in step with market demands, working toward being #1 in Asia". Obviously the main goal of this fiscal year is to take advantage of the expansions in both Narita and Haneda (and how to take over JAL LOL).

Here are the key expansions of flights in response to JAL's changes:

  • ANA will increase frequency and capacity on Narita-Hangzhou after JAL suspended Narita-Hangzhou and Kansai-Hangzhou.
  • ANA will increase capacity on Narita-Qingdao after JAL suspended the same route. 
  • ANA will increase capacity on Haneda-Hong Kong while JAL decreases its frequency and capacity and ANA will change this to a day time flight by the way).
  • ANA will launch Kansai-Asahikawa after JAL suspended the same route.

Other key expansions include frequency increases on Haneda flights to Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, launch of Haneda-Taipei and Narita-Munich (Lufthansa's hub).

ANA will retire the last three 747-400's used on international flights and complete the retirement of 744 on international routes this fiscal year (Sadly this will happen to JAL in the next 3 years too. 744's upper deck will be missed). ANA will take delivery of 8 787's (finally!) and will use them on domestic flights aims to compete with shinkansen LOL

For details of ANA's evil plan, you can refer to their press release. JAL usually releases its some time in February (a week or two after ANA's) but I am not sure if this is still the case this year due to all the recent restructuring. If JAL is still on schedule for its corporate plan, then we will soon find out about which unprofitable international and domestic routes will get axed.



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