Bird strike on JL3302


There was a bird strike on Japan Airlines flight 3302 from Sapporo to Kobe on January 3 2010.

According to The Aviation Herald (which by the way has a really cool photo of the aircraft after the bird strike and you can see fire coming out of the engine), it was a Boeing 767-300 which is registered as JA8299. A bird was ingested to the left engine during the initial climb. The plane returned to Sapporo safely 15 minutes after departure. None of the 231 people onboard was hurt.

A JAL domestic 763 has 261 seats (42J 219Y). Minus the flight crew, there should be around 220 passengers onboard. The flight load is definitely better than last time where there were only 33 people onboard when there was a bird strike on JL3609 from Fukuoka to Okinawa. Oh well, it should be right. After all it's New Year holiday in Japan :)



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