Incident: JL2008 emergency landing


There was an incident on Japan Airlines flight 2008 from Naha to Kansai on January 26 2010. It was a 777-300 aircraft with 322 people on board. Problems were found on the left engine shortly after takeoff. ATC reported seeing possible fire on the left engine. The plane landed safely 15 minutes after takeoff and no one was injured. The flight was delayed by 3 hours 20 minutes as a result.

There is only one configuration, W23, used on JAL 777-300 aircrafts. There are total of 500 seats (78J 422Y). So the flight load on this flight is around 61% (the 322 number includes flight crew), which is not great but still better than having only 33 people on board on a 767-300ER LOL

Source: Yomiuri Online via Yahoo



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