A nice new change - campagin details in English!


When I visited the English version of Japan region website of Japan Airlines, I noticed a nice new change. JAL has put up four new pages for some domestic campaign/new service in English! In the past, JAL usually only have Japanese version of these news. Maybe JAL has listened to what I complained about when I filled up the online survey last year :P The four campaigns/sales are: Birthday Fare, Tokubin 3 Sale Fare, JAL QuiC Touch & Go Boarding, QuiC & McDonald's Promotion. They are probably not news to Japanese members, e.g. the McDonald's campagin has been running since November last year. But until now, all of the information was only available in Japanese :) Below are the details:

Birthday Fare
I covered this last week when there was only Japanese version of the campagin. Reservation starts today! English version of the sale can be found here.

New Tokubin 3 Sale Fare
JAL will have a new sale domestic fare called Tokubin 3 from April 2010. JAL already has Tokubin 1 and 7 fare which requires only 1 and 7 days advance purchase respectively. So smart readers like you already know what Tokubin 3 is :). Fare rules can be found here. Tokubin fares promotional page can be found here.

JAL QuiC Touch & Go Boarding
This is a new boarding service rolled out for all JAL domestic flights from Feburary 1 2010. Passengers without any checked baggages are not required to go to check in counters anymore. All you need to do is to pre-select your seats, then print out a 2-D barcode or have JAL send it to your cellphone. If your JMB card has an IC chip in it, then you don't even have to print out the barcode. All you need is to bring your JMB card. Go through security check point 15 minutes before departure. Scan your barcode/JMB card at the check point. Then 10 minutes before departure, go to the gate. Scan the barcode/JMB card once again. Then you can board the plan. Simple, easy, and enivronmental friendly (also cost saving too). For details of this new Touch & Go service, you can refer to JAL website (English, Japanese). I put the Japanese link here because there are a little bit more info (e.g. the 15 min and 10 min deadlines) on the Japanese version. There are some restrictions of this service too, e.g. you can't use this if your itinerary include an international sector :(

QuiC and McDonald's Promotion
JAL and McDonald's have been running this campagin since Novemeber 2009 (I believe JAL has been running some limited trial of the Quic Touch & Go boarding for a while before it rolls out to all flights today). This campagin has been extended till March 2010. If you use the Quic Touch & Go Boarding during the campagin period, you can get a free McDonald's coupon redeemable at McDonald's in Japan. Possible prizes include Big Mac Meal, McHotDog Class Meal, or a Premium Roast Coffee. The coupon will be printed at the security check point. So make sure to pick up your coupon after scanning the barcode/IC card! Samples of the coupons are available here. All coupons are valid until April 30 2010. For details of this promotion, you can refer to JAL website.



  1. can foreigners in osaka use to the tokubin1 fare to go to tokyo?

  2. Absolutely. Simply buy the ticket from JAL and you are good to go.