JAL CEO becomes the Special Advisor to Cabinet in Japan


According to Nikkei, Japan Airlines CEO Kazuo Inamori has become the part-time special advisor to the Cabinet on Thursday. Yes, another part-time job for 78 year old who are focusing to turnaround JAL!

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama told Inamori at the premier's office, "I would like you to give me advice from a broad perspective on what I should be as a leader."

Following the appointment, Inamori told reporters, "I told him (Hatoyama) that I will do my best. For a while, I will work hard for the reconstruction of JAL (which is undergoing a state-led restructuring process)."

I see this as another move for DPJ to save their falling support in Japan (they have just lost an election). Can you leave this man alone? He is trying to turnaround JAL right now. This is not an easy job and you want to distract him from that? Inamori once said he's too old for a full time job, that's why he only works part-time for JAL. Now he has taken up another part-time job. Doesn't this make him almost work for full time? He even resigned as a member of the Government Revitalization Unit. So you are now giving him another post? Why bother resigning in the first place then?



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