JAL Mileage Project 2010: Double miles for ALL JMB members!


JAL Double Mileage Campaign.
JAL Double Mileage Campaign. Picture by Japan Airlines.

WOW Japan Airlines really delivers its promise of miles will be easier to earn! JAL keeps adding new campaigns to their Project 2010 page. If you feel being left out as a regular JAL Mileage Bank member yesterday, don't worry, JAL has not forgotten about you. To make up for this, JAL will give you double miles!

This is NOT one of those lame double miles campaign which you have to purchase a close to full fare ticket to qualify for it. JAL is giving DOUBLE MILES to ALL FARES ELIGIBLE FOR JMB MILES! YES! Even the deeply discounted N fare from US to Asia! Here is how to get the bonus miles.

Campaign Period: April 1 2010 - May 31 2010 (onboard basis)
Registration Period: Now till 23:59 on May 31 2010. Post flight registration ends on June 10 2010. All time in Japan time.
Eligible Members: JMB members in Japan and overseas
Eligible Routes:
- All JAL, JTA, JEX, JAC, HAC domestic routes, and partial route of RAC;
- All International routes of JAL and JALways, excluding code share flights operated by other airlines!
Eligible Fares: ALL fares that are eligible for JMB miles.
Bonus Miles: 2x regular miles, which will be credited at the same time as your flight miles. E.g.

Miles for One-way Los Angeles - Narita in K (70%) class = 3,821 miles * 2 = 7,642 miles
Miles for One-way Los Angeles - Narita in N (50%) class = 2,729 miles * 2 = 5,458 miles

Registration is REQUIRED for this campaign. You can visit JAL website (Japanese only) to register if you are a Japan region member. For all other regions, wait till the link is up on JAL website of your region (US website should be up soon, hopefully. I see an empty space for banner below the Super Discounted Upgrade banner :P).

So with the 2x elite bonus campaign...a LAX-NRT-HKG roundtrip will give me:
Regular sector miles: 3,821 miles * 2 sectors + 1,276 * 2 sectors = 10,194 miles
JMB bonus miles: 10,194 miles
Elite bonus miles: 5,458 miles * 2 sectors * 200% + 1,823 miles * 2 sectors * 200% = 29,124 miles
JAL Family Club bonus miles (if JAL extends it and allow it to combine with these campaigns): 300 miles * 4 sectors = 1,200 miles
Total Miles: 50,712 miles

WOW. I'd better book some flights during the campaign! Two of these will almost get me a F award ticket to Japan!!! But sadly the trip will still give me only 13,070 Fly On Points. I can't be too greedy right :P

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