Incident: JL 510 emergency stop at Haneda


Has this become a weekly thing? There was yet another incident involving Japan Airlines today in Japan. This time it is JAL flight 510 from Sapporo to Haneda that has to make an emergency stop at Haneda after landing.

According to JAL website, the aircraft used on today's JAL 510 was a Boeing 777-300. The aircraft landed at Haneda safely at around 13:30. However, the hydraulic system failed when the plane tried to enter the taxiway from the runway. The pilot had to make an emergency stop. There were 294 passengers and crew members onboard. There were no injuries in this incident. As a result, the flight was delayed for 1 hour 38 minutes (arrived at 14:48 instead of the scheduled 13:10)

There are 500 seats (78J 422Y) on the domestic 777-300. So the flight load is roughly 56-58%, which is definitely not good. It is below February 2008's average load of 61.9% on HND-CTS route.

Not to mention this is the third incident in three weeks. The last two were engine related. Even though this incident is still under investigation and the cause is unknown, this is definitely not good PR for JAL right now. This gives people the impression of maintenance problems. Remember the series of mishaps few years ago made a lot of customers to the dark side. JAL definitely can't afford that right now when there are not that many passengers left :P

Source: News24 (with video report in Japanese)

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