Air France-KLM denies joint venture talk with JAL


Even though Japan Airlines has officially picked AA over Delta two weeks ago, the drama doesn't seem to end there. A French newspaper La Tribune once again tried to stir up the drama and started up a rumor that Air France-KLM is in talk with JAL for a joint business venture for flights between Japan and France.

According to the report, the joint venture will be similar to JAL and AA's, which JAL and AF/KLM will share the costs, revenues on flights between the two countries. They will also co-operate closely on schedule and fares. But AF has already denied the rumor and they couldn't do this in any more direct way :P

"We deny the report in La Tribune about a joint venture with Japan Airlines," said a spokesman for Air France.

I wouldn't mind JAL forming a JBV with AF, but the problem is will all these crazy JBV really benefit the general public? Yes, there will be more codeshare flights and probably new routes that are not viable if operated by a single airline. However, it seems like price coordination is also mentioned in every article. The JBA for AA and BA will actually raise fares for some regions. And if one of the airlines pulled out of the current destinations and let the partner to operate the flights, it will leave passengers will only one choice left and that might not be your choice of carrier (sometimes not even close to second). But if JAL really going to start a JBV with AF/KLM, I am sure it won't be in someone's best interest. Who? That "little" British carrier who is still locating in Terminal 1 at NRT :P

Source: Reuters



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