2nd Day of work: site visit?


In an attempt to boost employees' morale, Dr. Inamori has decided to visit a couple of Japan Airlines' sites. So first stop, Haneda maintenance center. According to Nikkei.com, Inamori and Onishi visited the Haneda facility on their second day of work as JAL's new CEO and COO respectively.

"I saw a number of people working hard behind the scenes to ensure safe flight operations," the chairman said after the visit. "It is vital for us to change the environment to make employees feel more strongly that their work is worthwhile."

I admire that and but I think Inamori only works 2-3 days a week. He has worked 2 days so far...so one more working day this week and he will be gone till next week? Employee morale is important but having a solid plan is equally important too. Hopefully they didn't spend too much time going around Japan to visit the sites this early. They still have some very important decision to make, especially according to Onishi, you guys have scratched all previous alliance discussion and decided to start from nothing again. So shouldn't you be busy making decision on whether you want to choose AA or DL? Or spending the time to review your fleet and select between Embraer and Mitsubishi regional jet? There's a big dilemma by the way. Should JAL spend the public fund to jump start the Mitsubishi program or order more Embraer 170 to avoiding introducing extra aircraft type, i.e. extra parts inventory? Emraer's CEO thinks they might receive huge orders from JAL.

I am confident Inamori knows what he's doing. Probably someone are doing all the analysis and work at the background while they were walking about the Haneda facility and were waiting to present them the results when they return.

I only write this so I can put something new on my blog LOL You guys shouldn't worry about the restructuring at all :)



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